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Diana Anaid My Queen


My Queen is the title track from Diana Anaid’s new album, it’s a song that introduces her sound effectively – her work pours through as that of a passionate singer and songwriter, leaning back and forth between influences such as Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette. The song feels organically crafted, partly pop-rock, partly alternative in its structuring and its musical evolution throughout.

As a singer, Anaid presents a number of different approaches as the various verses and sections emerge – from the quick and lyrically dense, to the smoother, softer latter half. Musically as well, this same sense of change is underlined throughout – there’s a warming soft-rock vibe for the most part, but there are also flickers of jazz and soul, and at its core – the song presents a melodically memorable piece of alternative pop that’s fairly refreshing to listen to among today’s world of music.

From a songwriting perspective, the verse lyrics pour through fast and heavy, there are poetic images, ideas about life and the world in general, as well as some deeply personal observations. A single listen is far from enough to gather a full understanding or view of what’s being said. This is where the artist’s inherent passion begins to show itself – it feels like a stream of consciousness in some ways, an emotional reaction to anything and everything, by means of a colourful and honestly expressive piece of music and writing.

There’s a sense of confidence to it all, particularly the spoken word or speech style part – the song offers an empowering aura that draws you in more and more as the whole thing progresses. It’s a grower, for sure – intriguing at first but genuinely enjoyable and, as stated refreshing the more involved you get. The album in full is well worth a look – the further into it you get, the more of a fan you become. Really impressive, original songwriting.

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