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Di Higrade HTML (Hello To My Lover)


The gentle and plaintive vocals that lick around the melodies of the intriguingly-titled HTML (Hello To My Lover) have a unique and sweet tone that’s complemented by soft, sweeping pads and gently tinkling piano – cloaked in reverb and delay. They fade in and out of the various sections, and all the while a programmed percussion loop beats away at the song’s heart.

Then we get something pretty unexpected. So far we’ve had vocals and stylings that wouldn’t sound out of place on a reggaeton song, but then a full sampled kit kicks in, new keyboard parts swoop through, and the whole production shifts towards pop-rock tropes. It creates a little grit, drive and purpose, and is all the more charming because of just how unexpected it is.

In the accompanying video for HTML, female actors are behind the kit and on the bass respectively, and the portrayal of these analog instruments lends authenticity to the instrumental choice.

Then the warming keyboard pads re-assert themselves. At certain points, as they are layered up, they have the innate quality of a gospel choir – and that makes the tune feel slightly reverential towards its subject matter – in this case, it’s about just how awesome our narrator finds his lover – and this song is for her: ‘Hello to my lover’.

Most reviews rely on comparison but HTML is pretty unique, and I’m struggling to draw on references. Which makes it all the more legitimate for me to say you should check it out!

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Chris Porter


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