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Dgm Vibez Winner Takes All


Slick flows and catchy hooks make up the increasingly popular sound of rapper and artist Dgm Vibez, not least of all throughout the anthemic and unapologetic new single Winner Takes All.

Kicking into gear with that infectious hook, melody and heavy bass unite for an immersive listen that quickly highlights the tone and performance style of Dgm Vibez.

Backed by organic layers of guitar, alongside contemporary trap rhythms and a clear songwriting strength to help set the track apart, Winner Takes All brings together the modern sound with a live aspect that will no doubt hit with impact at shows.

There’s defiantly a mainstream strength to the chorus, and beginning with that moment was undoubtedly a smart choice – the release quickly sets its melody in motion, leaving the words and flow lingering long after the music has ended.

Emerging complete with an equally professionally captured set of visuals, Dgm Vibez continues his climb, securing a role within the hip hop scene of 2022, and raising the bar for those later-night anthems that keep things colourful and striking.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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