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DFG June Sexual Privilege


DFG June brings blissfully soulful RnB vocals and fast-flowing lyrical reflections to immersive sound-design and a bass-led groove, for the intoxicating new single Sexual Privilege.

Vocally sublime and somewhat nostalgic for its long-form melodic meandering, Sexual Privilege offers an intricate story and remains focused on the highs and lows of this in a passionate and uniquely captivating way.

The flow almost feels freestyle at first, but the structure and progression of the story feeds into a clearly conscious building of sentiment and style – something that rings true across the artist’s entire repertoire. DFG June impresses, in short, the performance showcasing contemporary effects in the mix but still standing tall in its own right for the clear tone and talent brought to the stage.

Underneath that leading vocal, the production unites a traditional clap for the top line, heavy and warming bass, and a notable kick drum to consistently maintain that vastness or fullness of sound. The set-up also varies as the song gathers momentum, the angst and uncertainty of the lyrics reinforced by the falling away of the beat and its subsequent drop back into action.

Addictively smooth, gritty in just the right way, Sexual Privilege speaks volumes on behalf of the ability, identity and style of DFG June. The intensely compelling 2023 single Little Me delivered a whole other style of production, piano-led and with playful vocal fragments, still a sense of melancholy in the soulful contemplation of the writing, but with a faster, more bold vocal stream leaning towards hip hop; reasserting DFG June’s dominance within the space.

B.A.B is another track that’s higher-octane on the vocal front, an impassioned venting of emotions and reflections on life, hard-hitting bars connecting for their humanity and realness, elevated by the melodic and smooth production surrounding it.

Versatility is an absolute strength, the pace and presence of each performance captivating, and the production lighting up that skill all the more so – the perfect kind of chemistry. I look forward to hearing where else DFG June takes things in 2024.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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