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Dez Rocket Strobe Light Eye


 Knowing the true meaning behind a song before you listen to it can really alter the way in which you receive it. It’s an important thing to point out, and in a lot of ways it’s a good thing – it means something is well written and effective, as a piece of art, but not explicit and obvious in it’s expression. With regard to Strobe Light Eye; from the offset, if this track just came into your life – on the radio, perhaps – it’s an indie rock meets electronica track of distortion and inescapably catchy melodies.

It’s a hit. You can drive to it, you can work out to it, you can get ready for the weekend to it. There are so many different sounds and effects – vocally and instrumentally – so much creative play within the production and the structure; it really is an alternative rock track with a whole lot of edge, and really appealing on a number of levels. The vocal performance alone is exciting and unusual, it’s fresh – the I Love it, I Love it interlude, as it gets higher and higher, it’s powerful; it really draws you in further and further to the music and the moment. The personality presented is utterly passionate, interesting, and appealing, so there’s a lot to get involved in, and at no point does the artist allow the song to get repetitive or predictable or boring.

It’s only when you search a little further that you see the true colours which originally lit up the canvas for the creation of this song. Quite suddenly, we’re now talking personal struggle, demons, addiction, relapse, pain, overcoming, change, optimism, development. And none of this is expressed in quite the usual way – the whole concept behind Strobe Light Eye is one that has not, to my knowledge, been explored in music before. It’s a completely new angle, and at it’s core this song is entirely fresh and personal to one person’s story. The term be yourself comes to mind – nobody can do you better than you, nobody has been through what you have. Your story is yours, and always worth sharing.

Strobe Light Eye is not just a brilliantly melodic anthem for summer nights out, it’s loaded with depth and experience. The change in perspective comes perhaps when you wish to draw a bit more of a line under what is being said – to dig a little deeper into those lyrics. You really need to look no further than the music video. Dez Rocket is more than just a musician, a rocker, a song writer – he is a person with a hugely affecting past, and his music is a direct result of what he has been through. It’s hugely commendable, and it’s always great to see an artist who has been through such difficulties and managed to come out the other side, not unmarked, but with a passion and drive to use their skill and their knowledge and their talent to create something powerful out of the rubble. It’s a great track, from a multi talented and respectable artist; well worth checking out.

Find out more about Dez Rocket by following him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation, and definitely head over to Youtube to experience the track and video.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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