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Dez Mac Stay TRU


Part of a new two-track release entitled Manifest, Stay TRU introduces San Francisco artist Dez Mac in a way that draws focus to his unique flow, contemplative writing, and creative way with music all at once.

Focused on positivity, as implied by its title, Stay TRU prompts a sense of self-belief and indeed belief in better.

The music has a fresh quality, dreamy and multi-layered, bass-heavy but it’s subtle, stylish. The voice leads the way amidst this, fast bars and clever, intricate rhymes and phrases, ideas that inspire and promise optimism.

Dez Mac’s voice has a clear sense of identity, and this is not just his rap voice but the entire voice or sound of his tracks. Palm Itchin comes second in the short playlist, and while the mood is notably more mellow, that thoughtful and quietly confident voice is still unmistakable.

Offering a somewhat nostalgic finish, production-wise, Palm Itchin feels more reflective, almost like a diary outpouring in which Mac details his own feelings and his role within the world.

The two tracks together work beautifully, providing a welcomed breath of fresh air and integrity in the hip hop world, and connecting audiences with an artist with his feet on the ground, and a defiant abundance of talent. Absolutely worth knowing about.

Download Stay TRU here or via Apple. Check out Dez Mac on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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