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Dexxin On Me (Feat. Kai 9)


Dexxin’s return this month brings even more in the way of unique hip hop and RnB fusion. The song is ambient in a trip-hop-like manner, but it’s also mildly disjointed and quite haunting. This runs through everything – from that descending, repetitive synth riff, to the industrial and tripped-up style of the beat, to the vocal performances. There’s a fragility to the voices, particularly the melodic moments throughout the first half of the track – it offers a certain uncertainty that feeds further into that disjointed and unsettled feeling.

On Me evolves into its own characterful piece of music and performance, as is the Dexxin way – a similar feeling emerged from 123 earlier this year. The verses have a subtle smoothness but it’s never without anticipation or angst. The lyrics accompany this, offering that insight and difficulty, leading relevantly up towards the hook section – the supposed moment of resolve. Instead of this though, the underlying concept – everyone getting to be too much or breathing down your neck – is represented by this chorus point. It feels incomplete, calm but not confident – the beat and the lyrics before now contrasted with that, offering a definite level of confidence and swagger. With the hook though, the backing track and the leading voice fall against each other in a dark way.

Structurally the track has been produced in a style that walks hand in hand with the voices within. The switch to the rap, the stops and starts, the changing vocal rhythms – everything works closely with the beat. However, when the hook hits – things take a turn for the heavy and intense. The musical ambiance drives the energy behind the vocal and reminds you of the instrumental strength and hypnotic quality of the backdrop. It’s unexpectedly atmospheric, which again is a fairly refreshing trait that suits Dexxin’s style and concern-free approach to music.

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