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Dexxin is an artist offering a slightly alternative take on modern hip hop and Rnb-fusion. The first few things to strike from his latest release 123 are the dreamlike and lightly rhythmic backdrop, the contrast between the calm and the manic elements, and the artist’s approach to lyricism. At just over two minutes long, the track leaves its mark pretty quickly. That beat winds out and around you in an immediately hypnotic manner, so when the vocal begins, you’re already on-board and feeling inclined to follow it along, and the performance is so gentle, almost whispered, that it fits in with the mood of the track really well.

123 is a totally characterful and memorable release, easy to get into, familiar yet fresh at the very same time. Throughout the two minute experience Dexxin showcases numerous takes on performance, moving swiftly from the mellow rap verse to the melodic bridge to the quicker paced rap section. The energy of his vocal delivery and even the tone of his voice progresses throughout, providing an unusual sense of structure for the the song. Everything around this maintains a certain level of colour and movement – the beat, as stated, holds tight to that entrancing aura.

It’s Dexxin’s writing and the sound of his voice that changes everything. And yet, even with that being said, his performance seems to fit in innately with the music wherever in the mix it goes or in whatever style he chooses to adopt. Rather than appearing as a simple performance over a beat, there’s a subtle feeling of these two aspects working in unison, so you get a confident and smooth vibe from it all. It imprints its identity, for sure. Dexxin does what he does and makes certain you hear it.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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