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Devon The God Nostalgia


Bringing a fresh twist of timelessness to modern chillout, producer and artist Devon the God employs soulful sax and jazz elements to weave enchanting, melodic and deep vibes, with the aptly-titled album Nostalgia.

Intimacy lays the foundation well, a delicacy of organic meandering performance countered by a heavy yet clean bass and beat, along with a looping and lighter melodic thread for unmistakable character that’s easily recognisable.

Versatility is subtle yet effective throughout the collection, Miami 1995 sampling some contemporary fragments amidst an otherwise smooth groove of strings and lo-fi jazz-cafe vibes.

Elsewhere Devon The God continues to showcase an affinity for musicianship and the joy of making, with the bass-led seduction and smile of It’s All Good, and the higher passionate tones and nineties Gospel sentiments of Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

While the music gifts a sense of relaxation and escapism, the ideas inject a touch of observation and humour – a balance that ultimately works well in reinforcing the impressive backbone of a clear passion project.

The McRib follows on a similar vein, brighter now, with a piercing top edge from the sax, canned hip hop history in the vocals, and a romantic undertone with gentle rhythms to keep things fresh. Saint Pepsi then takes us even further back in time, for a funky bass and RnB mood that again shines light on another side to the Nostalgia inspiration.

Synergy is an easy highlight, deeply enchanting, romanticising connection and keeping things subtly creative for that unwavering thread between all things Devon The God. Then there’s a touch of colour and upbeat joy, through Intermission and Mario Kart. All the while, we’re drawn further and further into the depths of our past – the details and images of our upbringing, for many.

New York 1987 makes for a brilliant closing track, setting the bar unequivocally, and utilising that canned effecting to introduce things in a boldly fitting manner. We then venture through various layers of horn, voice, keys, synth, bass and rhythm, to wrap up the journey on a lasting high.

When the music ends, so too does the comforting embrace of the past. As such, it’s an easy choice to repeat visit Nostalgia. Devon The God has crafted this with equal parts gratitude, joy, and outright skill, and the results make it an easy must for the long-term playlists.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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