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Devin Tait Anyone Can Break Somebody’s Heart (Feat. Wendy Ho) [Mr. Anderson Remix]


Wendy Ho is fantastic on this latest single and remix Anyone Can Break Somebody’s Heart. The nostalgically retro dance vibes that pour through are enough to get contemporary and classic clubbers alike feeling the need to move. Mixed in among this of course is a bold and emotionally loaded vocal-line, melancholy in nature but not presented in anything less than an empowering and confident fashion.

The whole thing feels like a slept-on classic from a simpler decade. Having said that though, there are a few partly indie-rock-like fragments of rhythm and colour that help give the song a touch of modernity. In any case, Devin Tait’s songwriting stands tall within this energetic setting.

The second time you hear this, it rings through with a sort of Tragedy vibe – an alternative anthem, with the potential for even more remixes in some ways. There’s nothing too heavy or intense about the set-up, the vocals stand tall and the accompanying video helps reinforce this driving factor – keeping the singer at the centre of the journey. By the time you’ve heard it even just twice, those intricacies and details melt into this quickly familiar and recognisable song that’s easy to pick out from afar.

There are undoubtedly dance scenes far and wide that would welcome a track like this as one to invite up those left sitting or standing around the outer edges of the club. Though there’s an emotional struggle at the centre of the song, you take nothing away but the strong groove and the smooth flow of that melody. It works well, it feels rooted in classic pop-dance but the song itself doesn’t come through as reminiscent of anything in particular – the balance is good.

Look out for the upcoming album on March 8th. Download the music via Bandcamp. Find & follow Devin Tait on Twitter & Facebook or visit his Website.

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