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Destiny 333 Wake Up


Tomorrow is promised to no one. 

I’m finding this single from Destiny 333 to be increasingly refreshing and quite blissful to escape among. Perhaps it’s her calming, spoken word delivery – this sense of not trying to be anything other than the artist, genuinely and carefully delivering these finely chosen statements and ideas; about life, and it’s fleeting nature. Perhaps it’s the classic, reflective ambiance behind this. Perhaps it’s the contrast between the spoken words and the higher ended melodic hook. Perhaps it’s all of this.

What works about it is everything. You don’t get too many modern day artists who have such a specific intent in music and who simultaneously refuse to feed into the trends of the moment or the industry’s supposed requirements in order to express it. In some ways, this track feels the way that the Sunscreen song felt when it first emerged. On the one hand, there’s a speech at the heart of it – a graduation style reminder of the depths of the world and our roles within it. On the other hand, the music has a certain hypnotic softness that fills the room in a soothing way.

The more you listen, the more familiar it all becomes. At first, the effected hook melody stands out for that contrast with the realness of the verse vocal, but later on – you come to recognise it in this way, and quite quickly it fits. It gives the song something slightly quirky or alternative, alongside of some more widely accessible and relatable verse sections. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds. The song is easy to get into, it’s relevant to all of us – to anyone and everyone who hears it, and it’s also a little unusual; in a beautiful way.

Destiny 333’s message is clear and unedited, and it actually grows more inspiring as the song progresses. The only way to hear it, and to be reminded of it, is to listen in full. A quick download will make certain it’s there for you whenever you need a little boost.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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