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DERONDA Perfect Chair


Flawlessly combining the retro vibes of the 80s with the absolute ear-wormery of modern pop, Perfect Chair is a track you only need to hear once for it to leave its mark. This is a huge song, immediately satisfying and enjoyable from start to finish. The concept works cleverly alongside of the notably upbeat energy of the music and the vocal performances – the contrast makes certain you notice it, and structurally the set-up of the whole thing adds a series of colours and details that keep you entertained throughout.

DERONDA come through with a slightly Haim-like sound, if anything from recent years can be compared. On the whole though, for me, the music presents the perfect balance between nostalgia and freshness. The opening riffs surround you perfectly, being the sort that quite quickly convince you to pick up a guitar and give it a try. Following this, the song’s melody fills in any remaining gaps should you still have felt uncertain as to whether or not this was a hit. The connection between the music and the melody, the voices and the soundscape, tops it all off brilliantly.

Despite the underlying sadness suggested throughout the lyrics, this feels like a song to make you smile – to make you move, and to make you remember the creative approach and sound of DERONDA. The writing actually initially touches on the concept of loneliness and despair – it works well to present this under such an upbeat and joyful light, essentially capturing the listener’s attention and affection, then making the point without soaking them in too many similar feelings. As things progress, a more dance-inspired song emerges, and in the way that an M83 song might build and grow in intensity and passion, Perfect Chair really just gets better and better as it plays out.

DERONDA will be releasing an EP in March. Find & follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram to stay updated.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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