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DepthCruiser Traveling Outside The Body


This upcoming release from DepthCruiser is likely to be a must for anyone who appreciates deeply the profound effect that such complex and considerate soundscapes can have. Dimensional Dreams gives you a taster of what’s to come. Immerse yourself entirely in the audio and it just pours over you, almost as if you’re standing under a water fall, surrounded by both relentless levels of sound and the incredible peacefulness of nature.

Dimensional Dreams has been crafted in a way that reminds you of DepthCruiser’s previous project Absurd, from which we took an in-depth look at Abstract SculpturesThere’s a certain adventurous and thoughtful style to his compositions that proves to be the thread throughout them. However, familiar characteristics aside, this new collection offers a completely fresh set of soundscapes. The experience feels less like music at first, more like an ocean of ideas, within which you can become inspired, enthused, or, on the contrary, intensely relaxed. As the moments pass though, almost like the world speeding by through the window of a train, the inherent, natural rhythm of it all starts to take shape. You barely notice the beat come into play, just suddenly it’s there, as if it always was – as if you just weren’t close enough before now to witness it.

This music or audio experience is an incomparable journey, the sort that fans of ambient or atmospheric music will adore, and even the sort that listeners who benefit from certain types of ASMR may be drawn to. The detail involved in the soundscape has a busy feeling to it, but the overall unity of everything makes for a smooth and ultimately very calm arena. The chaos cancels itself out somehow, and it’s beautiful to be a part of. The work that has gone into building these audio dream-worlds is incredible. Download the EP Traveling Outside The Body and get exactly what the concept promises.

Stream DepthCruiser on Spotify or download Traveling Outside The Body via Bandcamp. Find & follow DepthCruiser on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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