DepthCruiser - Montreal - Stereo Stickman

DepthCruiser Montreal


Openly inspired by the charm and inspiring beauty of Montreal, this new single from DepthCruiser is a brief yet intoxicating journey through organic instrumental delicacy and detail.

Perhaps the most unexpected change in direction for the renowned producer, yet you soon forget the building blocks in favor of the overall feel and escapism the song offers. More than this in fact, the power it holds in terms of lighting up a new sense of optimism and awareness – turn the music up loud and the stresses of the world simply wash away from a while.

Not exclusive to the city, but a respectable ode nonetheless, Montreal is a simple, looping and subtly building ambiance that can be made the listener’s own in any number of settings.

Gentle guitar picking, a wash of dreamlike effects – a cavern of comfort and purity – a warm rhythm and a quicker hit of guitar harmony to light up the outer edges. And on top of all of this, that guitar progression is brilliantly fresh, and particularly easy to recognize once it’s crossed your path.

That’s a whole lot of boxes ticked from DepthCruiser, and despite its short length, Montreal is a personal favorite release from summer 2020 so far. High quality speakers or headphones recommended for the full effect.

Download the single via Bandcamp or Apple.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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