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DepthCruiser Abstract Sculptures


Abstract Sculptures is a track from DepthCruiser’s second album Absurd. The music is intensely atmospheric, yet not at the cost of effective progression or instrumental storytelling – far from it.

At the same time as being surrounded by this euphoric meeting of the industrial world and the perhaps more natural one, which, in itself, is often enough to keep a listener contained, the music here develops and enthralls you with every beat and every moment that passes. You’re not simply contained or surrounded by the sound, you’re captivated by it, provoked to think more deeply, to explore your own imagination as the creative production subtly yet surely directs you through this manic yet blissful world of audio.

Listening through head phones, high quality speakers, or in the car, is the best way to get something real out of this. The intricate detail involved in the crafting of this music is phenomenal, and yet as a complete release the soundscape has this mesmerising and beautiful atmosphere, so whatever it is that you choose to focus on, whether it’s the musical build up, or nothing but your own thoughts and feelings as you experience and react to it – the result is pretty hypnotic. The Absurd collection in itself is a stunning project and well worth a download, but for those with only a few minutes free to escape or to make a decision – Abstract Sculptures is a sensational place to start.

You can always, always pinpoint when a producer has approached a release with creativity and passion, an unquenchable drive to craft and express something from scratch, than when they are simply looking to make the beats that bring the audiences in. DepthCruiser’s work is deeply creative, undeniably human in its emotional elements, yet mind-bendingly electronic and otherworldly when you really pay attention. On top of this, it’s music that you can unquestionably escape to, and that pulls it into a multitude of other categories. An absolute dream to witness. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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