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Densh’ The Thief


“I was most wicked in those days; I stole a bun from my darling girl, and ran away with it. A most unpleasant experience – extremely unpleasant, I promise you.”

Whatever your level of involvement in the world of Dubstep, or even Electronic Music as a whole – as the one giant, limitless genre that it is – I can guarantee, you have not heard anything as creative as this since the dawn of music programming.

‘The Thief’ is a track that immediately wraps it’s glitchy yet comforting arms around you, captures your mind, then slowly eases you into a gentle daydream – a story time corner, if you will; one that is neither familiar nor sleep inducing. You will be left joyful, excited, confused, contemplative, and ready to rave the night away should the evening allow you.

Genuinely, one of the best underground tracks to come out in at least half a decade. Greatly received and respected by producers and music fans alike. Superbly inventive, suppressed by no expectations, creatively fearless, and under no pretentious self satisfying clouds of contemporary pap. Don’t be fooled by mainstream mash potato music. This is T-Bone steak, right here.


Making music because he utterly, and entirely, loves to make music. Densh’ is an artist whose public releases are occasionally infrequent, but the reason for this is very simple – he only makes and shares tunes that meet the absolute peak of his abilities – and the skill therein is categorically unrivaled.

There’s no denying it. You won’t find a better home producer if you spend the rest of your life searching. So just don’t bother. Enjoy your precious time here on Earth. Sit back, relax, and follow Densh’ on Soundcloud and Facebook. You will never be let down by mediocrity. This is the one.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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