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Dennis Canario When We’re Home


Led by the uplifting strum of an acoustic guitar, Dennis Canario slowly but surely increases the colourful optimism and embrace of his celebratory Folk-Pop anthem When We’re Home.

Building up beautifully throughout, the organic arrangement and the heartfelt sentiments feel deeply relatable for just about any and all of us who’ve felt the warm embrace of returning to our own familiar settings and our circle of loved ones. When We’re Home showcases gratitude for that idea in everything from the vocal clarity and joy, through the energetic bounce of this organic Folk and Country groove, to the chorus of voices that resound during the hook.

Recently made record of the week on FM-R Radio in the Netherlands, When We’re Home offers a timeless sense of musicality and appreciation for the little things in life – the calming sense of stillness and safety provided by coming home; wherever in the world that may be.

The song is simple yet satisfying, and undeniably catchy – presenting a hook complete with a mild string solo for that true Folk or Celtic twist of unplugged musicianship. As such, you can appreciate the humanity and heart of the writing and delivery, and at the same time accept a keen interest in Dennis Canario and his band’s potential in the live setting.

Without a doubt, this one will ring loud amidst a real-time audience. And until that day comes, the studio version provides an addictive ode to the things that really make us happy in life. Enjoy!

Find Dennis Canario via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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