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Deltiimo Now Sing Out Loud (Feat. Amba Tremain & Devin Jade)


Now Sing Out Loud – a huge song; energetic, colourful, uplifting in just about every way. Not only do you get the inspiring vibe of the music – these classic and joyful, meandering synth-lines, the bounce of the beat, the surrounding chorus of instrumental moments and voices – you also get the added pleasure of two unique leading voices that offer up lyrics focusing on unity and freedom. There’s a lot to love about this release.

The track has a touch of nostalgia in that it comes with a certain Clubland-esque aura from summers way back when. On the other hand though, the style in which this piece has been crafted has something delightfully new about it. The contrast between the two voices works beautifully, and yet it’s far from overwhelming in the way that some pop-meets-dance-track vocals can be – there’s plenty of space surrounding the lyrical sentiments to embrace and enjoy the creative and well produced musicality behind them.

The vocals are split between one singer who offers a similar sort of tone to Ellie Goulding, and another who presents an almighty soul or Gospel-style voice – both of which bring a totally different kind of character and energy. Together the two create a brilliant dynamic that brightens up every moment and invites a feeling of togetherness – supporting that idea of unity beautifully. The song welcomes its audience to be involved in the energy and the good vibes, the title and subsequent hook are instructional – they offer motivation and a carefree sense of enjoyment and progression.

The whole thing has been really well put together, it has the familiarity of any classic dance track set to inspire and enthuse, but it also has something completely fresh, perhaps even offering a subtle touch of Eastern music when you consider the style of the melody. Well worth a listen – listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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