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Dejhare Do What You Gotta Do


Retro bass and echoes of classic dance make up the layers that lead us into this new alternative disco-pop single from Dejhare.

Stylistically tipping its hat to eighties pop as much so as the dawn of the dance-pop genre, Do What You Gotta Do rises up from simple, spacious beginnings, to the ultimate energy of the drop that is the hook, and makes sure to lift the mood of the room in the process.

Not simply a stylistic and productional hit, Do What You Gotta Do also conceptually takes on the new way of life we find ourselves lost within. Mask wearing, staying home, staying safe and considering others – the message is simple – Do What You Gotta Do.

Great dance vibes kick in with power for the hook section – the repeat of that line and the sudden addictive brightness and dance-floor, synth-soaked aura of the music unite to envelop listeners in a powerful moment of escapism.

A quirky yet impressive, memorable new release, offering a great melody and presenting an increasing desire to turn up the volume as it pours through. There’s even a touch of acoustically inspired world music during the final moments. Enjoy.

Download or stream the single here. Follow Dejhare on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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