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Songwriter and artist Dejhare (Pronounced Dei-Jhar) reimagines a collection of originals from her first album for this exotic and engaging new project D7.

Highlighting the best of her abilities as both an artist and performer, the project kicks into gear with a multi-layered and immersive Unbreakable, and introduces brightly coloured sound-design alongside of clearly passionate, intentional vocals. The opening song lifts the mood of the room but also drives with a certain contemplative, deeply human core, and these two qualities work well together throughout the collection.

Time Is Everything injects a further anthem-like energy, rising up from somewhat Madonna-esque, reverb-kissed verses, to a bold and addictive dance vibe that fully envelops the listener. Meanwhile these lyrics provoke deeper thought on the very concept and beauty of time, and sure enough the synths and layers build up gorgeously to reinforce the drop to a conclusive and inspiring break.

Alone Long Enough makes for a subtle highlight for its gentle set-up and rising anticipation. There’s a dreamlike and joyful quality to the introduction, right before the whole thing explodes into infectious dance energy and a blissfully catchy hook – the contrast between these two moments is powerful, and helps make the song an outright personal favourite.

Without You starts off with a similarly personal, intimate outpouring – a mellow soundscape that builds up and drops in to fill the space between vocals. The artist-listener connection grows stronger, and the various traits of Dejhare’s voice shine brightly in a number of ways throughout the progression – both when quiet and thoughtful, and indeed when passionate and calling out for assistance. The bounce of the beat soon helps make this another highlight as it juxtaposes effectively the melancholic nature of the lyrics.

During the latter half we get a touch of tribal rhythm and a somewhat world-music-inspired anthem in the form of an again thoughtful and loving Don’t Let Us Lose. EDM at its finest, inspiring dance and unity, louder volumes and a sense of being completely lost within the moment.

Be Mine is another that balances personal story-telling with infectious rhythms and uplifting progressions – rising up again and enveloping the listener in a way that makes for smooth yet satisfying escapism. Then we get an even finer use of contrast for a notably quiet, almost acoustic New Love introduction, which soon rises up in a bright and bold fashion. Short lyrics follow and inject a fresh style of songwriting that builds further on the Dejhare level of versatility.

This project plays like a greatest hits in many ways, these pop-dance classics offering plenty in the way of both effective production and honest, endearing writing. In every case, Dejhare more than delivers as a creative and performer alike. Well worth a listen at volume.

Check out the project here. Follow Dejhare on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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