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DeeZire All Night Long


DeeZire are a duo with voices designed for precisely the kind of smooth and soulful RnB vibes presented on this single. All Night Long is a gorgeously ambient track with a classically warm aura and some likable levels of nostalgia – the sort that easily take you somewhere calm and comforted.

The soundscape is one that creatively fuses elements of organic musicianship with those a little more electronically sourced. It does this in a delicate and subtle way – there are hints of funk by means of a quickly rhythmic guitar part, even the drum line in some respects. There are equally as many dashes of trip hop that help create a smooth and soothing stream of audio. And all the while, the song itself is guided by a beautifully natural vocal sound – soft and subtle when necessary, a little more prominent and strong when the moment requires a slightly higher level of passion.

The first few moments of this track have a totally retro sound to them – the descending melody feels inspired by nineties RnB or perhaps earlier. Then when the vocal comes in, loaded with character and meandering through the melodic development in a captivating manner, the whole thing starts to take on a vibe more notably influenced by the likes of The Weeknd. This rhythmic and long-form melodic structure works perfectly during the verses, then the hook sees things resolve and satisfy with a simple concept and just a few notes repeated to make sure you know where you are. The song offers both the peaceful qualities of audio escapism and the subtle memorable power of a well-written pop hit. The hook is incredibly nostalgic and sees the song peak in an easily enjoyable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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