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Deep C Divers Forgiveness


Offering up personal depth and intimacy, thoughtful lyrics that reflect openly on a complex past, Deep C Divers lay bare their truth on this latest single, and it proves a beautifully captivating, uplifting experience.

From mellow, clean-cut beginnings, through an emotional rise up to a fuller instrumental, the soundscape and the lead singer work in unison to powerful results.

Feeling something like an Elton John piece, Forgiveness is a mighty anthem of a power-ballad. That leading voice is stunning, more-so the further along it moves. Where the song’s opening verse keeps your focus exclusively on the delicacy, these words and how very revealing and genuine they are, the progression afterwards effectively envelops listeners in the warmth and weight of the entire artistic concept.

The hook is superb, and everything from here on in just satisfies in the way that a classic song ought to. Beautiful harmonies, precise yet passionate performances all round, Forgiveness is a classic pop-rock powerhouse of a single; one with a deeply valuable, inspiring and optimistic sentiment. I look forward to hearing more from Deep C Divers.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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