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Dee Wile Talking Bout (Feat. Willy G)


Freshly released from the smooth collection of jazz-kissed rap anthems that is Game Recognise Game, Talking Bout highlights the melodic and laid-back vibes of a colourful, catchy and clever artist. Dee Wile is a name to know right now.

Simple in set-up and familiar in its lo-fi groove and mellow, easy-going vocal delivery, Talking Bout slowly but surely weaves its web – that hook imprinting its tune and character by the end, and the verses offering more than enough detail and scene-setting to take things to greater plains.

Likable for its rhythm and optimism, the summer vibes that pour through, impressive for its clever word-play and the somewhat humble or at least quietly confident manner in which this is displayed. Then there are plenty of contemporary references, the hip hop landscape incorporated for audience reach – another clever move.

Ultimately though, Dee Wile keeps things fresh, melodically addictive, and musically immersive. An easy one to love this summer.

Produced by HungerForceBeats & released under February’s Finest Records/Team Skyward. Check out Dee Wile on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram. Download the music via Apple.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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