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Dee Wile You Can Play The Game Or You Can Change The Game


Freshly released, the brand new album You Can Play The Game Or You Can Change the Game highlights the absolute best of Dee Wile’s musically uninhibited and lyrically unique approach to modern hip hop.

Kicking into gear with the ambient and insightful Little Space, immediately there’s a sense of classic influence and clear identity combined. Dee Wile delivers with a calm sense of confidence, and proceeds to weave an ethereal yet familiar web of contemplation, with this musically humble and rhythmically captivating outpouring.

Increasingly reflective, honest and impressive for its wordplay and revelations alike, the opener paves the way well for the ten-track project that follows.

Throughout the album there’s plenty to appreciate in terms of purpose and creativity alike. Tracks like Bong Rips flip the script in naturally alluring, humble ways, with melodic, dreamy production and cleanly mixed story-telling from an unmistakable Dee Wile. The song drives with a hypnotic flow, easy-going yet versatile, always rhythmically enchanting and refreshingly detailed in terms of the scene-setting, references and smart, sharp rhyme schemes.

Known for his devotion to authenticity and unwavering connection with his audience, the Dee Wile name has risen considerably thanks to both the quality of the music and the consistency of his gratitude to those who tune in. Since the release of the album, Dee has paid out over $400 for his fans bills, as part of his Free Game Campaign.

As the streaming numbers continue to rise, the future hopefully promises an artist carving an inspiring new pathway within the contemporary scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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