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Decho Blame


Decho offers up some awesomely enjoyably vibes on this latest track Blame. Bringing together elements of reggae and contemporary RnB, with a flicker of hip hop and a heavy yet mellow-paced beat – the song presents a brilliantly unique soundscape and some stand out vocal performances that help give the whole thing personalty and purpose.

Blame has a great energy about it, that musical backdrop is beautifully unusual – a simple groove in essence, but those warped chords that rain down add a level of warmth and a cool sort of off-beat aura that helps nudge the single in something of a more alternative direction. On top of this is that vocal flow – the melodic section first, more than enough in itself to get you moving and remembering the moment. Then you get the further benefit of the rap vocal, still mellow but calmly delivering a little more detail as to the story-line and the sentiment. These varying sections create a welcomed dynamic that quickly takes the track from a simple, ambient loop to something far more songwriter supreme.

The final hit or the icing on the cake is the totally unexpected yet soulful and seductive guitar solo that brings things smoothly to a finish. By this point you’re still just getting into the experience, so a replay is almost guaranteed. The second time you head in, that beat hits perfectly well – there’s an intensity to it, but also a crisp and professional finish that makes it anything but overbearing.

The production is top notch and that lets the skill and style within shine as brightly as possible. This is a genuinely refreshing and memorable new release that sees multiple genres join forces, yet not in a fake or unnecessarily quirky manner – just in an authentic one; with a natural, soulful swagger. Absolutely a track for the long term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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