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December Rising For Me


From the album I’ll Always Remember, the song For Me deals with difficulties from the past and the lasting effects they can have on a person’s life. The lyrics are undoubtedly what grab you first, the opening lines detail the where, the who and the what, and it feels like turmoil and sadness. Bullying or the intrusive, negative actions and words of others, is seemingly nothing to them but can be world-changing for those on the receiving end. The music in the beginning reflects and suits this mood – there’s delicacy at first, a sense of rising anticipation but still mostly just quietness; within which you can really listen and consider the story-line.

As the song progresses, the lyrics and the vocal melody rise up in unison to great heights of passion and power. The song’s beat maintains a steady groove, a slightly retro-trip-hop ambiance, but the voices present a sense of intensity and weight as the hook makes itself known. This is the moment at which the sense of defeat and sadness is overcome, this rising passion reflects a level of possibility and moving forwards – a realization that life and the days ahead are in our own hands for the most part; that there are choices to be made, that there is always light ahead and there are good moments to chase.

By the end of the song, the bigger vocal moments are the ones that stay with you – the performance is emotionally mighty, and rightfully so for what it represents. There’s also a spoken-word style segment that adds a totally new angle to the track, there’s confidence in this instance too – so you believe in the optimism, and hopefully it genuinely inspires those who’ve stayed hidden to step forwards and go after what it is that they dream of in life.

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