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Debbie Christ I’ve Got Time


Indie rock intensity with soulful vocals and a dreamy shoe-gaze overtone makes up the sound and energizing vibe of Debbie Christ’s new double-anthem release.

I’ve Got Time marks a fine introduction, meandering indie melodies and revealing lyrics feel like a breath of nostalgia amidst this heavy and fuzz-kissed rock arrangement.

All at once we get the live crash of the drums, some slick and memorable riffs, a thick wandering bass-line, and a surprisingly smooth vocal of timelessly free, surf-rock-style sentiments. The result is a decidedly fresh sound, a huge tune that’s a pleasure to let play at volume, and a strong opening listen for those new to the band.

Mellowing things out is the second track of the release, feeling almost like a sequel or outro – the same unmistakable voice, the same production and instrumentation, just at a slower pace and with a more thoughtful, drawn-out performance and melody.

We Carry On shines light on another side of Debbie Christ, already promising a versatile band – who incidentally appear to be crushing it on the live scenes lately.

Contemplative and honest in depicting both musicality and humanity as songwriters and musicians, Debbie Christ tick a lot of boxes with I’ve Got Time. Music to escape to and to elevate your mood all at once.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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