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deathlike & pradaaslife Jump!


Uniquely contemporary vibes see fast flows and emo-rap fused with a multi-layered EDM soundscape for this colourful, energising new collaborative single.

deathlike and pradaaslife join forces to reignite the new wave of alternative dance with Jump! An infectious single but leading with clarity of riff and melody over voice – a refreshing alternative, which proves immersive and loaded with identity all at once.

Kicking into gear with a retro bassline that strikes up memories of a simpler decade, Jump! goes on to weave in multiple layers of gamer-like and sci-fi-esque synths and details. Combine this with a catchy and almost falsetto vocal hook, then a harder hitting rap flow for the verse, and the track effectively re-writes the rules regarding genre.

Keeping things conceptually relevant, easy going yet confident and striking on occasion, the track’s energy and sense of anticipation rise and rise – the instrumental and the hook dropping in with just the right level of addictive and immersive rhythm to allow for genuine escapism. The whole thing urges you to turn up the volume, appreciating the various intricacies of the soundscape and losing yourself in the energy at the very same time.

Two minds are greater than one, and deathlike and pradaaslife prove this with ease as their new collaborative indie hit emerges.

Check out Deathlike and Pradaaslife on Twitter/Twitter and IG/IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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