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Death.wav Love In It’s Essence


Artistically wrapped up in its own intentions, Death.wav’s latest single takes creative expression to bold and impossible to ignore new realms.

Love In It’s Essence kicks in with heavy distortion and the chaotic sound of doubled vocals for a powerful ode to the ache and manic energy of love.

Death.wav consistently paints a fresh image of modern music and this release proves it all the more so.

Emerging as a two-part single, the first half strikes with the absolute weight and fuzz of production overtones and a passionate sense of lostness within the moment. The latter half takes things down a more melodic pathway, with a cleanly mixed voice detailing a story of regret and heartbreak – the highs of optimism, the dreams, intertwined with the lows of separation and the suddenness of pain when one love calls out the end to the other.

Coming in at under three minutes, the track’s two halves feel like completed performances in themselves, and the resulting single offers a defiantly intense, long-form outpouring that far exceeds the implied space of the time-frame.

Death.wav leads with purpose over genre, and a decidedly free approach to making music on the whole – the moment expresses a connection to the emotions, the disappointment and the commitments united, and that’s the point.

Creatively fresh, unafraid, and unwilling to succumb to industry expectations.

Download or stream the release here. Check out Drake The Drizz on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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