Death.wav - AARON HERNANDEZ (Feat. SAP Pharaoh) - Stereo Stickman

Death.wav AARON HERNANDEZ (Feat. SAP Pharaoh)


In keeping with the devoted release of a brand new track every Friday, now five weeks in, artist and producer Death.wav offers up the multi-layered and fiercely infectious AARON HERNANDEZ – a mighty ode to creative freedom and immersive dance all at once.

Artistically uninhibited, this track hits out at every genre this side of rock – distorted bass, rhythm, vocals, all intertwined and colliding amidst a chaotic yet joyful, colourful mix.

Aspects of salsa and hip hop walk united through the heavy and intense soundscape, along with an array of vocal outpourings like freestyles riding the energy and unpredictable nature of the beat.

Making fine use of the production space with precision when needed and a strong presence of contrast between moments, the single showcases a vastly eclectic way with sound-design, and the equal power of collaboration in bringing a whole new style to life. SAP Pharaoh’s feature more than fits the rhythm and pace of the track, whilst managing to continue to inject that essential shock factor that makes up the entire journey.

Faultlessly combining relentless work ethic with natural ability and intricate, purpose craftwork as a producer, Death.wav keeps fans on their toes with each new track delivered.

The sound has integrity for a creatively unconfined artist, threads of character running throughout – without taking anything away from the unexpected and compelling pathways of each new release. At just twenty years old, Death.wav is already carving out a new route in alternative music. Worth tuning in for.

Grab the single here & check out the next release Dead Girls via Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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