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Deane Nesbitt Jr. Tracking the Soldier


Composer Deane Nesbitt Jr. is a uniquely creative composer who has crafted some blissful audio journeys within the album Soundtracks in The Sand. The instrumental set-up and the melodies alike contribute to gorgeously entrancing soundscapes. Tracking The Soldier is a stand-out example and a mesmerising piece of music in itself.

Tracking The Soldier is a composition that begins with a certain acoustic delicacy and evolves to become something else entirely. The weight and volume of the latter half is stunning, sensational and completely unexpected. This Celtic-inspired, traditional and organic piece of music is immensely uplifting. The acoustic and quieter moments from the intro present feelings of hope and positive energy already, but as the drop of later kicks in – the emotion is overwhelming.

The music takes you somewhere far away, lifting you out of your current moment, energizing and inspiring you. It feels as if you’re at the centre of some major scene in a movie. It’s incredibly powerful, and that traditional realness inherent in the set-up makes it connect all the more strongly – you feel that humanity and personal strength as the music surrounds you. Remarkable music.

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Rebecca Cullen

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