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DeadEyeChokeHold Freezing


Adding further to the catalogue of music from DeadEyeChokeHold, Freezing feels fit to accompany Soul On Fire, style-wise, yet there’s something a little more classic or prog-rock about this track. Maybe it’s the vocal effect, there’s a grunge-inspired overtone to the finish – the vocals and the instrumentation blend into this one united, dreamlike wash of energy. Maybe it’s everything all at once.

The song undoubtedly offers much more detail and a cleverly memorable melody. The rise up to the hook sees things develop effectively. Musically though there’s an entrancing loop at play – not a clear thing to notice as the artist’s voice offers a sense of definite structure in the way the notes and the levels of intensity and passion evolve at certain moments. Whether you pick up on the intricacies or not, the whole thing quickly becomes quite a hypnotic and easily recognisable few minutes of expression.

That melody again rises higher than the distortion or the darkness – the artist at the heart of this is quite literally screaming out these poetic thoughts, looking to connect with something or someone; enter the listener. The song ends in a fairly unresolved manner, leaving you feeling as if there’s far more to this – or in fact that everything has succumbed to the frozen state and ceased to be.

The second time you hear this there’s far more to pick up on – the opening drum-line and the simplicity of the chord progression seem more intentional. That familiarity is strong now, so the grunge-like flow of the verse draws you in and holds tight to your attention right the way through.

The song’s hook is a real moment of vocal strength – the sound peaks and there’s a touch of genuine desperation in the performance; reinforcing the lyrics and offering even more in the way of truth and relatability.

There hasn’t been a track yet from this creative that hasn’t fascinated me, or that hasn’t given off a careful fusion of so many elements that you just don’t seem to come across anymore these days. Absolutely a collection worth exploring.

Download or stream the track here or check it out via Spotify. Find more music from DeadEyeChokeHold via Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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