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DEAD HENDRIX Trauma Driven Punk/Rap From Ottawa


Following the success of his 2023 single Mustang, with Yungcudii, Canadian-born DEAD HENDRIX continues to rack up views and followers as an independent artist.

His unique fusion of melodic contemporary soundscapes and modern rap flows offers a sense of story and a catchy groove every-time, and the likes of his recent collaborative single DTH with Allcapyow and 3MFrench speaks volumes on behalf of the strength of that approach.

Noting projects spanning back to 2022’s Dead Summer EP, DEAD HENDRIX has carved out a unique pathway in contemporary hip hop and alternative music. With tens of thousands of followers across the various streaming and social platforms, his distinctive voice, image and confidence at the helm make for a clearly appealing leader of the new sound.

DEAD HENDRIX also seeks to remain unconfined by genre, excelling on the mic in every case by adapting to the mood of the music and adjusting his storytelling accordingly. Weave in the personal ache of trauma and human depth, and there’s a significant weight to the heartfelt honesty and vulnerability at the heart of his writing. DEAD HENDRIX maintains a sense of fearless realism as a modern rapper and artist, and the raw edge and creative freedom of his music stands tall in light of that.

Find DEAD HENDRIX here or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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