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David Herreman Whispers In The Wind


Music to make you feel something real, designed from the same perspective – an artist seeking connection, embracing the ethereal tones that heal and harmonise with our very being. David Herreman is a creative composer with a uniquely passionate and purposeful approach to making music. His ambient works utilise both natural world layers and melodic inflections, to rain down with purity and soul by way of intricate, professional and softly powerful production techniques.

David’s latest release Whispers in the Wind acts as a fine example of the depth of his music, feeling like both a breath of calm and a soulful journey through movement.

The piece does in fact brilliantly underline the implications of its title, taking the listener along on this whisper in the wind – to feel both the unrelenting speed and stillness of nature all at once. The resulting audio venture is deeply moving, soothing to the body and the soul, and showcases the work of an artist with a clear sense of curious immersion within the creative process.

Prior to Whispers in the Wind, 2023 saw David Herreman release the string-led and spacious intensity that was Soulful, depicting another side to his artistic exploration, and indeed the blissfully cinematic and extensively detailed work Heavenly Place. In every instance, the music is vast, engaging and immersive, but the diversity between each is also quite phenomenal.

The role of the artist is to paint a plethora of intoxicating tapestries, not merely stumble upon a popular style and remain there, so in more ways than one – David Herreman is wholly accepting and celebrating of that role.

Find David Herreman on Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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