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David Gielan Where The Heart Breaks


David Gielan’s album Where The Heart Breaks is a project that has been two years in the making. His approach to songwriting and recording originals is one of an inherent level of connection – he states that this is the first album in a long time that he’s felt proud enough to want to share. Rather than just telling you this though, it’s easy to listen to even just a couple of the songs from the upcoming collection and to see from the offset why it is that he feels that way.

The title track from the album is a beautiful place to begin. Gielan’s voice is certainly the driving factor – there’s something softly emotional about his vocal tone and delivery, and this, walking in unison with the heartfelt and open nature of the lyrics, makes for something that just feels very genuine and warming.

The musicianship surrounding and supporting the song and its underling sentiments has been crafted with equal care and consideration, so what begins as a gentle acoustic piece – underlying the clear abilities of the artist as a solo performer – soon evolves to be much more of a multi-layered soft-rock ballad of sorts. And as this musical weight and brightness grows stronger, Gielan’s voice and every additional flicker of passion and harmony meets the bar flawlessly. You can easily lose yourself in the rising passion of the song as it pours through.

Elsewhere on the project you’re likely to fall more and more in love with the artist’s honest and calming sound as each song emerges. His story-telling is always deeply personal, but on top of this – his voice has a wonderful quality about it that just sounds authentic; you can hear that these songs mean something very real to him. At every step, the musicality of the project is gorgeous – organic and perfectly in keeping with the mood of each song. It’s an album loaded with style and sincerity combined – well worth looking out for.

The album will be available to stream or download on October 2nd. Find & follow David Gielan on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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