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David Ford The Unsung Hero of Live Music


If you haven’t heard of David Ford but you’re a fan of live music, real music; guitars, drums, pianos, emotions, harmonies, awesomeness – you need to jump on this train straight away. David Ford has tested the waters of the mainstream music industry in his early career so the rest of us didn’t have to bother. He has crafted his career on his own terms, and the result is phenomenal.

I first saw David Ford Live at Manchester’s Deaf Institute, and he completely blew me away. A one man band of insane talent and passion. The song writing, the muscianship, the personality, and humble nature of his character. He’s not massively present in the online world, but there are plenty of videos to get stuck into – not least of all his live loop pedal performances (which, I must add, he technically was the first to master, way before any current pop-star pedallers whom shall not be mentioned). Check it out..

You have to see a whole show live as soon as possible, the experience is incomparable. Luckily, he regularly performs his one man band show around the UK. Go get inspired – visit David’s Website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word. Stereo Stickman has your back.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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