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David Dalessio Nowhere Else (I Wanna Be)


Good vibes and acoustic pop colours mark out the instantly uplifting new single from David Dalessio.

The familiar rhythmic clap, an easy guitar riff and cleanly mixed vocals guide us into the catchy and anthemic release, which ultimately finds itself adopting a world-music aura that elevates the gratitude and possibility of the writing beautifully well.

From simple beginnings to the energy and brightness of a memorable pop-rock hook, Nowhere Else (I Wanna Be) hits the scene at just the right time.

Nostalgic in style but utilising contrast and personal, contemporary references in a way that provides an essential twist of freshness, the single showcases a versatile vocal progression from Dalessio, and pays tribute to the summer and to the good times with genuine heart and joyful devotion.

It’s a catchy number, well-presented and faultlessly performed by our leading singer and songwriter. The middle-8 in particular works really well to break the pattern towards the finish, and as such, the final chorus hits with fantastic impact, gifting a lasting degree of warmth and hope to all who delve in.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “David Dalessio – Nowhere Else (I Wanna Be)

  1. Your review says it all! Such a bright, sunny song so needed during this dark uncertain time.
    I’ll listen again and bask in the summer sun.

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