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David D’Alessio Home EP


New York’s David Kui D’Alessio captures affection with ease, for this deeply-moving, heartfelt and intimate new two-track EP Home.

Beginning with its title-piece, the familiar softness of piano and nearly whispered vocals carve out short lines both quiet and melodically soothing.

The approach is quick to draw listeners in, the ambiance slowly gathering further warmth as things progress – additional voices for reinforcement, subtle layers of strings, synths and detail.

We rise up beautifully for the chorus, the simplicity and mellow nature of the verses offering an effective yet humble degree of growing anticipation, and the hook essentially satisfying that need to hear things resolve and brighten.

The brightness is wonderful, a single word, the title, resounding amidst multiple levels of voice and instrumentation – all united in this celebratory and relatable peak.

Following this evolution of verse-chorus, verse-chorus, the piano gathers momentum – a quickness that invites a feeling of excitement and energetic joy to elevate the mood all the more so.

The two songs of the Home EP work in different ways to showcase the same stark ability and depth from David D’Alessio. Short lines and poetic intentions that blend the deeply personal and the broadly accessible prove calling cards. Other than this, however, the two tracks are distinctly unique from one-another.

I Dare You follows the breathy softness of Home with a strong stomp of a groove and grittier, heavier vocals. We’re paving the way towards a mighty uplift of a hook, an anthemic resolve that naturally gets the listener feeling a passionate devotion to the moment – and indeed craving a live performance.

Where delicacy was essential in conveying the gratitude and oneness of the opening song, boldness and rhythm and volume are key aspects of raising the bar for I Dare You, and in both cases D’Alessio executes the process faultlessly.

Supreme levels of versatility and impressively well-rooted identity walk hand-in-hand throughout the Home EP. A memorable and rather addictive introduction to a long-time songwriter and musician who clearly has a lot to look forward to in the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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