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David D’Alessio Before Tonight


Catchy pop melodies and breathy vocals meet with a quick riff and click-rhythm for a fusion of funk and rock energy – David D’Alessio’s catchy and groovy Before Tonight works its magic with ease.

Somewhat bringing together the tones of a simpler time with the clarity and production of today, Before Tonight showcases a refreshing vocal progression through the moments – long-form meanderings that adhere to a familiar structure, for that pop quality, but which also weave in a sense of freedom and character; the likes of which elevate the alternative D’Alessio angle and sound.

Ultimately an anthem with a full-band presence, complete with a horn and vocal repeat breakdown just after the latter-half – a stylish redirection that begs for you to witness it in the live setting.

Musically faultless, energising and bright, uplifting and near-euphoric at its peak, Before Tonight no doubt stands tall on the strength of its musicality and D’Alessio’s energy when performing. However, within this we get the personal aspects, the revealing and intimate lyrics, and these connect increasingly with each revisit.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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