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David Arn Mother’s Day, The Mother’s Tale (Ft. Ava Hart)


I’m always fighting an invisible wall…

Songwriter and musician David Arn joins forces with singer Ava Hart for this acoustic and intimate portrayal of love and parenting in the realm of autism.

A stripped-back delivery allows Ava’s softly emotive voice to quietly weave its web of understanding around listeners. The song talks poetically about struggle, in an open and unafraid manner, yet always resolves with a sense of acceptance and love. It’s is an expression of realism, difficulty and dedication united, and ultimately – the rewarding nature of parenting regardless of the hardships faced.

Following a simple finger-picking guitar pattern, a few strings, and a set of dimly lit visuals that depict the mother utilizing dance to express further sentiments regarding the situation, Mother’s Day, The Mother’s Tale, is an aptly complex song with a simple set-up. This balance between the two elements allows it to captivate and compel listeners to re-visit and reconsider all that’s being presented. Beautifully done.

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Rebecca Cullen

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