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David Alpha Chameleon Wheelhouse EP


David Alpha unabashedly pulls no punches as the classic rock energy overtakes him on this EP release. Light the Rockets/Hungry Ghost makes for a bold introduction to his sound, this beautifully chaotic, energetic yet artistically structured song begins as one thing and grows later on to become a still familiar yet acoustic and raw example of something else entirely. Still that rock passion shines brightly, in this stripped back setting Alpha’s voice and his lyrics stand a little taller as the driving force alongside only an unplugged guitar. The two songs contrast with one another gorgeously, and all the while you get to witness the unwavering character, skill, and passion of the artist in his natural setting.

Wake Up Gloria holds onto that bare approach and lets Alpha’s solo and seemingly one-take performance captivate with the strength of its own presentation and clear connection to the lyrics. The story and the intense nature of the delivery makes certain to hold tight to your attention throughout. Later on, fragments of additional vocals haunt the outer edges and help build a slightly more complex artistic scene. Still the song itself works well of its own accord – that melody and that chord progression are quickly familiar. The song’s hook in particular makes certain to leave its mark. All of David Alpha’s lyrics are fascinating though, easily worth more than a few replays to truly capture the essence of his ideas.

The extended version of this same EP also features the addictive punk-rock vibrancy of Universalon – a personal favorite for its anthem-like quality and how strongly it makes you crave a live show. Me Or Him is another highlight, the track steps soulfully into view with the blues-rock swagger of a timeless classic. A pair of voices contrast and collaborate to intrigue and appeal as the verse plays out, then the music circles in on itself, and the latter half sees that inescapable energy and rock freedom completely envelop the listener.

David Alpha does his own thing, without question – from the songwriting through the set-up to the performance – he creates without rules, and it works. This short collection feels much bigger than it should. Well worth a run through at volume.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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