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Davey Harris Predictable


Cinematic, intense, dark yet uplifting and somehow also light – Davey Harris blends genres effortlessly throughout the catchy and beautifully unique Predictable.

Somewhat ironically named in its unpredictable structure and style, Predictable brings together dreamy indie vocals with a complex, ever-meandering arrangement of guitars, synths and various other electronically and organically sourced details that rain down all around.

Melodically the song has a simple, familiar and infectious progression. The verses are strong, easy to connect with. Then there’s this clear passion to the delivery, this unusual poetry to the words, and all of a sudden we’re uniting contemporary warmth with alternative edge and creative freedom.

Equal parts Predictable and outright unexpected throughout its four-minute twenty-seven lifespan, the single introduces the revealing and melodically hypnotic sound of Davey Harris in a quickly likable way. The final quarter in particular sees this spiraling chaos of vocals intertwine and cascade in a mesmerising, energising fashion.

Versatility is a strength throughout the song, and indeed throughout his catalogue of originals, influenced by the likes of indie rock and shoegaze as much so as electronic rock, trip hop and quirky pop. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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