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Davey Harris Honey


Davey Harris delves further into the animation of his creative identity with the catchy rise and fall of a dreamy yet energising Honey.

Another anthem by design but quirky enough to maintain that edge of uncertainty, Honey emerges with a twist of Declan McKenna to the style – distant vocals freely meandering in the midst of a vast and colourful soundscape.

The rhythm and bass offer a retro, nostalgic backbone, and the back and forth between high-octane peaks and the lower-toned contemplations works its magic with ease; naturally the song’s greatest strength, that up and down manner of enthralling an audience, whilst the complexities of lyrical hints and details elsewhere keep things interesting.

The more times you listen, the more that reveals itself from within. The synth-play and vocal inflections add an aspect of unpredictability to an otherwise infectious and addictively likable groove. As with PNGN DNCE, the environment and the natural world are crucial aspects of Davey’s writing process, and Honey again strikes a fine balance between conceptual connection and pure, danceable escapism.

Davey Harris is building his solo career with an authentically fearless and confident sense of presence and freedom of expression. Whatever the vibe or purpose of each song, his passion for the music and the simple pleasure of audio escapism and performance shine brightly.

Thanks to his years with The Tins, professionalism and talent speak on behalf of themselves, and the rest is artistry that consistently surprises – each new release feeling authentically different from the last, and all the more interesting for it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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