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Davesar Broken


Thoughtful, ambient trip-hop, with an unexpectedly heavy wash of synths, and contrastingly delicate, intimate vocals – weaving around listeners a tale of equal intimacy, personal longing and uncertainty within a relationship.

Introducing a varied vocal line that slowly but surely brings through a clear sense of character, Broken reintroduces artist and songwriter Davesar with a decidedly unique, interesting creative reach. The song envelops listeners with ease, but soon progresses from mildly familiar beginnings, through unpredictable realms of story-telling and emotional sound-play.

Showcasing a genuinely unusual manner of production, each few bars of the song underline a new aspect of the experience – some new wave of effects, some new softness or intensity; depending on what the moment requires.

Throw in a well-placed slow-down and re-start for the middle-8, and the track injects a late-night, industrial EDM vibe at the final hurdle – ultimately rising upwards into bright and powerful realms, before falling back down to the bare essentials.

A beautifully interesting, genuine and soulful alternative pop single, with a more than a few calling cards of Davesar to look out for on future releases.

Download or stream Broken here. Check out Davesar on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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