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Dave Rose Shut Up


The first thing to strike about Dave Rose’s music is how unique the soundscapes are – crisp, clean and dreamlike loops pour through with professionalism and artistry intertwined. Mixed in amidst this, or rather – riding alongside of it – is Dave Rose’s unwavering lyricism; a rhythmic yet gentle flow and vocal tone that quickly build a level of character within the tracks.

Shut Up is his latest single and makes for a strong starting point if you’re new to his music. While the lyrics feel notably rooted in the drive and confidence of modern rap, the music and Rose’s own vocal softness present a decidedly different approach.

The track is not hard-hitting, it’s fairly calming – despite the angst and mild aggression of the key term – shut the f*ck up – and indeed of many of the lyrics throughout, these hit with subtle impact thanks to how entrancing the synth riff is that rains down around them; and indeed thanks to Dave Rose’s quietly confident vocal delivery.

This is definitely hip hop with a certain identity and difference to it, similarly recognisable qualities can be heard on Rose’s previous single Just Tryna. The sound and many of the ideas lean in the same direction, despite Just Tryna’s heightened use of melody, there’s smoothness to it all, and a simple connection to the concepts of contemporary hip hop – that easy going lust for the good times. Both tracks quickly let you know what Dave Rose is all about, and fine production lets this pour through with unquestionable clarity.

Stream the single on Spotify or download it via iTunes. Find & follow Dave Rose on Instagram.

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