D$aVAGE - Night Fire - Stereo Stickman

D$aVAGE Night Fire


Striking production introduces and maintains an edge of immersive presence throughout this brand new late-night anthem from D$aVAGE.

Heavy bass-work and dreamy, ethereal layers of synth and voice unite amidst contemporary trap rhythms, whilst a cleanly-mixed and rhythmically hypnotic rap vocal guides us through a nostalgic hip hop realm of equal parts clever reference and notably personal revelation.

Increasingly connecting for its personality and sharp, smart sense of wit and creativity, Night Fire introduces the sound and style of D$aVAGE in a memorable way. The vocal kicks things off with a mellow kind of contented confidence, and while there’s passion to certain moments, this returns in waves throughout the ethereal soundtrack. Weave in some vocal reinforcements for that retro hip hop character, and Night Fire effectively bridges the gap between the genre’s past and present.

Musically on point, prompting a volume increase from the outset and refusing to lower that bar throughout, Night Fire highlights a faultless vocal outpouring from an artist with lyrical abilities that feel fresh, along with a production undertone that seems unlimited by the current scene or industry expectations. Really nicely done.

Grab Night Fire via Apple. Check out D$aVAGE on Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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