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Daryl Yahudy Pedaling For Life


This is beautiful music, simply put. The soundscape emerges as the simple meeting of an acoustic guitar and an ascending string section, but the notes and chords chosen express something so blissful and uplifting.

The song that follows is equally calming in its expression. Daryl Yahudy’s leading voice has something deeply honest and emotional about it; the sound is real, believable, genuine, all of which adds to how reliable it is in terms of being music to escape from the stresses of every day life to. As the track progresses, the melody becomes more familiar, the simple sound of the click becomes more comforting, the organic nature of that as a beat adds to the minimal intricacies of the ambiance, and all in all everything works in unison to create something much bigger than the instruments imply.

As a complete piece of music the sound is gorgeously atmospheric, and only when you seek to explore the lyricism and the depth of its concept do you realise how much more there is to appreciate. There’s an underlying hopefulness or optimism to the song, a consistent thread of positivity that breathes new life into the music and offers a helping hand to those who are struggling with their day or with their current moment in life. There’s also a huge amount of character to the leading vocal performance, and this makes it something brand new, something real to connect with.

The song is from the full length album Soulful Life Within, the entirety of which continues this thread of brightness, and adds further to the world’s treasured catalogue of mellow, joyful, soulful music. The sound has a touch of contemporary R&B to it, but the brightness, and the subject matter, the expressive nature of the lyrics, all make it something of its own.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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