darp arp - 10K - Stereo Stickman

darp arp 10K


This self-produced single from artist and rapper darp arp leads with an impressively unique manner of sound design that’s as striking as the rhythm and shock factor of the subsequent vocal.

While the leading voice has a certain youthful height to it, the distorted weight and warmth of the bass and other layers defectively contrast this delicacy – as does the unapologetic language and attack of the lyrics.

The whole thing hits with impact and loops a select few moments around listeners before swiftly coming to an end. It speaks volumes on behalf of raw creative freedom in this age of ours, but it also holds subtly close to a few contemporary production choices that help give it the potential to reach a broader audience.

Creativity is key, and nothing is held back on 10k – darp arp aims high and refuses to be anything but bold and gritty throughout the track’s sub-two-minute lifespan. A dark and addictive hit of anger and confidence united.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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