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DarkoQuan & Deago Fresh Prince


Producer and artist duo DarkoQuan and Deago craft an immersive and lyrically engaging new single in the form of a contemporary yet creative Fresh Prince.

Following the natural calm of an ambient soundscape and subtle trap beat, rapper Deago utilises an emotive, quietly confident vocal style to weave a web of imagery and storyline around listeners.

While the mood is clearly reflective and indicative of depth, the overall concept for the most part holds close to this persona of the Fresh Prince.

As the track goes on, the vocal style switches gears, increasing the pace and evolving from emo-rap softness to more gritty and quick hip hop-inspired outpourings. Always though we come back to the melancholic resolve of the hook, at which point the underlying topic is made a little more clear – taking a loss comes to light, and ultimately suits the late-night contemplative vibe of the soundscape.

A match well-made in terms of the style of both DarkoQuan and Deago. The collaboration brings together DQ’s background in Germany with the US influence of Deago, essentially presenting a relevant sound but one that weaves in a crucial hit of originality and intention.

Check out DarkoQuan & Deago on IG / IG or visit Dignity Records.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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