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Darewood222 Sandman


“Procrastination kills more dreams than losing hope.”

Heavily euphoric with distorted synths and powerful rhythmic hits, Darewood222’s enchanting Sandman builds up towards the relentless grip of harder dance, with a uniquely ongoing lyrical depth – guided by a boldly up-front vocal performance.

Ultimately blending aspects of hip hop and ethereal sound-design with a clearly high-octane devotion to brief yet striking drops, Sandman talks on overcoming adversity in the search for satisfaction and living out our dreams.

Offering a notable sense of darkness intertwined with a contrasting degree of optimism and possibility, Sandman promises interesting production and a somewhat unpredictable structure, yet maintains a select few unmistakable traits of character throughout – not least of all the tone and identity of that leading voice.

From one flow to the next, the performance is versatile and consistently in tune with the changing energy of the soundscape. While there are experimental aspects to the whole thing, the writing also makes sure to leave that hook melody and sentiment lingering once the music has stopped, and that’s where the inspiration and motivational impact resides.

Darewood222 presents an unorthodox style, contemplative and deeply human, yet also mildly industrial by design – two worlds colliding for a refreshing take on modern music. It will be interesting to hear where else creativity takes him in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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